California utility warns of massive power cutoff in Northern California to prevent wildfires

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Several lawsuits and other requests for compensation from wildfire victims that amounted to billions of U.S. dollars forced the embattled California utility to claim bankruptcy early this year.

The anticipated power outage, which may take place from early Wednesday through late Thursday, will impact vast areas in northern and central California, as well as almost every county in the Bay Area, PG&E said.

The preemptive measures are taken in response to "a potential widespread, strong and dry wind event" that poses a high risk of wildfires in Northern California.

More than 300,000 PG&E customers could be affected by the power cutoff in an unprecedented scope, but the company said it will continue to monitor weather conditions and offer timely updates to families.

SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. 7 (Xinhua) -- California utility Pacific Gas and Electric Co. (PG&E) warned Monday that it might take preemptive action to cut off power supply to about 30 counties in Northern California.

"Due to the forecast extreme weather conditions, PG&E is considering proactively turning off power for safety, and implementing a Public Safety Power Shutoff" across those regions, said the utility, which was held responsible for poor management of its power lines that sparked fatal wildfires in Northern California and killed 86 people last year in what was called Camp Fire, the single-deadliest wildfire in California history.